Equality Office in Bern

The Canton of Bern in Switzerland has an Equality Office that provides citizens, companies and administration with services, courses and information on issues related to gender equality. They especially offer services related to the work place and the employers role.


In 2013, they organise the following trainings:

  • How to implement the Equality Act effectively?

This course will be held on August 30, 2013 and is designed to inform on the Equality Act. It will provide participants with competences to evaluate, measures the risks and implement the Equality Act properly in different structures. By doing case studies, participants get the opportunity to evaluate specific situations and learn how to offer appropriate support.

  • Sexual harassment at work – How to advice?

On the 13 and 14 of June, the Equality Office will organise a course on how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. This course is open for human resources managers and counsellors that wish to strengthen their knowledge on the subject clarify their role and develop skills on how to advise victims. 


For further information about the courses, please visit the following website.


The Equality Office also offers services to small and medium enterprises on how to promote reconciliation of professional and family life. This program helps organisations to evaluate how far they have come on this subject and how they can improve their activities to make their workplace more “family friendly”. A counsellor from the Equality Office analyses the company and recommends measures and ideas based on the study. The program is an opportunity for employers to get new ideas, exchange with other companies and improve their actions.


The Office also provides a website (in German and French) with extensive information on the improvement of the balance between private and professional lives. The structural changes of today’s society require new solutions and these services aim to respond to these new demands both from individuals and organisations. The website therefore provides different materials such as checklists, tools, guides and manuals categorised for different groups; families, enterprises, etc.