Regional project on the Charter in the Balkan

The Serbian association Fenomena initiated a regional project called “Promotion of the European Charter for Equality of women and men in local life” in cooperation with local NGOs and the Swedish NGO Kvinna till Kvinna.


The project was implemented in four cities in three different countries in the Balkan: Kraljevo Town, Medijana municipality (Serbia), Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kotor in Montenegro. It aimed to create conditions to develop policies, measures and budgeting to improve gender equality through the establishment of a Local Equality Action Plan in relation to the Charter. Several activities were launched within the project such as: 

  • training courses for municipal staff in gender equality
  • establishment of network of local stakeholders working in the field
  • publishing of informative material on gender equality at local level
  • studies on the state of gender equality and
  • exchange of experiences


The project was co-funded by Kvinna till Kvinna, the European Commission, Association Trentino con I Balcani and two local authorities from Serbia.


For further information please visit the following link: or the Facebook page: Towns for equality Gradovi za ravnopravnost