Eastern Neighbourhood Equality and Women’s Solidarity Forum

Eastern Neighbourhood Equality and Women’s Solidarity Forum (hybrid event)


Tbilisi, Georgia (hybrid)

Monday, 5 June 2023

13:00 – 18:00 GET / 11:00-16:00 CEST



Following the impressive rates of adoption of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine during the past few years, CEMR proposes a hybrid forum to take stock of progress made towards achieving gender equality in the region and to the chart paths ahead for further development.


Hosted by the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG), and in cooperation with  CALM and AUC, CEMR/PLATFORMA organise a half-day forum composed of political exchanges and technical learning. The Forum will be in a hybrid format, welcoming participants in Tbilisi, Georgia and online via the Zoom platform.


Following a learning and networking lunch, the first session will be dedicated to exchanges on how local gender equality commitments and actions positively contribute to the fulfilment of the EU acquis in view of the EU accession process.


The second session, an exploratory initiative, will convene experts and global women leaders – particularly from the local and regional level – and offer a space for them to connect, share their experiences and unite for peace. A common, and unfortunate, trend in conflict and crisis response is that women’s voices are not adequately included in decision-making. Crossing and rising above political orientations and frontiers, a group of local women leaders are invited to come together to agree on common principles that will guide future convenings to empower them as agents for peace and solidarity. The aim is to focus on the shared goal and desire for peace and well-being in all territories across the world. We believe that the strong participation and leadership of women can overcome political polarisation and divisions our societies face, regardless of region.


The third and final session will be technical in its scope and participants will be introduced to the indicators developed to support monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the European Charter for Equality on the ground.


Draft programme

13:00 – 1hr15 | Welcome and networking lunch (50 pax, in person only) – presentation of the updated European Charter for Equality


14:15 – 1hr15 | Opening and framing session: Gender aspects of the EU accession process, acquis communautaire, action at local level


15:30 – 15min | Break


15:45 – 1hr15 | Local women for peace and solidarity


17:00 – 1hr | Equality Charter Indicator toolkit training


18:00 END



Please register your participation in person or online using this form before 2 June 2023.



Jaimie Just, CEMR Policy Adviser – Equality and Diversity



Bella Tskhelishvili, PLATFORMA Adviser – Eastern Partnership and Geographic Dialogues