The employer role

Article 11

1. The Signatory in its role as employer recognises the right to equality of women and men in regard to all aspects of employment, including work organisation and working conditions.


2. The Signatory recognises the right to the reconciliation of professional, social and private life and the right to dignity and security in the workplace.


3. The Signatory commits itself to take all reasonable measures, including positive action within its legal powers, in support of the above rights.


4. The measures referred to in (3) include the following:


a)  a review of relevant policies and procedures relating to employment within its organisation, and the development and implementation of the employment part of its Equality Action Plan to address inequalities over a reasonable period of time, and inter alia covering:

  • Equal pay, including equal pay for work of equal value
  • Arrangements for reviewing pay, remuneration, pay systems and pensions
  • Measures to ensure fair and transparent promotion and career development opportunities
  • Measures to ensure a balanced representation of women and men at all levels, in particular to address any imbalance at senior management levels
  • Measures to tackle any sex-based job segregation, and to encourage employees to take on nontraditional employment
  • Measures to ensure fair recruitment
  • Measures to ensure appropriate, healthy and safe working conditions
  • Procedures for consultation with employees and their trade unions ensuring a balanced participation of women and men on any consultation or negotiating body

b)  Opposing sexual harassment in the workplace by making a clear statement that such behaviour is unacceptable, by supporting victims, by introducing and implementing transparent policies to deal with perpetrators, and by raising awareness of the issue;

c)  Moving towards a workforce at all levels of the organisation which reflects the social, economic and cultural diversity of their local population;

d) Supporting the reconciliation of professional, social and private life by:

  • introducing policies which allow, where appropriate, adjustments of working time and arrangements for care for dependants for employees
  • encouraging men to take up their entitlement to leave to care for dependants.