EIGE Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is organizing a Peer-to-Peer exchange seminar on Gender Mainstreaming in Vilnius on the 21-22th of November.


Participants will be invited to discuss the following topic “How can we make gender mainstreaming work?”


The seminar aims to gather around 50 representatives of national and regional institutions working on gender mainstreaming to exchange experiences and discuss good practices.


On occasion of the seminar, EIGE will also present latest research data on gender mainstreaming in the EU and share recently developed practical information on gender impact assessment and gender training.


For more information about the seminar please contact:


Marurizio Mosca : maurizio.mosca@eige.europa.eu;

Indre Mackeviciute: indre.mackeviciute@eige.europa.eu