Webinar Observatory

The Secretariat will organise an online meeting, a “webinar” for the network of the national coordinators on the 4th February. The meeting will be moderated from the CEMR office in Brussels. In order to have an interactive debate, the number of participants is limited to 15 persons.

You will find further information on the topics that will be discussed in the draft agenda below. Additional information on the technical details will be sent to those who plan to attend the meeting.


Draft agenda:


1. Present the current work of the Observatory

2. Present new developments of the website

3. Discuss how to improve the support provided to draw action plans*

4. Discuss the draft manual and the role of Ambassadors of the Charter*

5. Present the Pilot project on developing indicators for the European Charter for Equality and the role of the national coordinators

6. Any other issues


For further information on the content of the webinar and to register, please contact Johanna Törnström – Policy Officer Equality (Johanna.tornstrom@ccre-cemr.org, +32 2 500 05 49).