Municipal Day for Equality

 Every year on the 24th of October the Municipal Day for Equality is celebrated in Portugal. This initiative was launched by ANIMAR (Portuguese Association for Local Development) in 2010 to mobilise local stakeholders, raise awareness on equal opportunities and highlight the important role of municipalities in the work to promote equality. Since then ANIMAR is dedicated to celebrating this day together with partner organisations, and has managed to engage the public and private sector, hundreds of organisations and about thirty municipalities.

Municipal Day for Equality 2013


 Theater “The earrings of Ronaldo and other stories” about gender equality, staged by Alexandre Sampaio; interpretation: Alicia Gómez, José Armando and Sofia Borges


 On the Municipal Day of Equality in 2013 a theatre play was set up to showcase, with lots of humor, situations from everyday life and how we react and deal with gender stereotypes and our prejudices. From the workplace to the hairdresser, from the doctor to the market-place, from the taxi to the gate house, from the fitness session to the soccer game, the aim pf the theater play “The Earrings of Ronaldo and other stories” is to raise awareness and promote better equality.


Municipal Day for Equality 2014


 Workshop “Winning teams”, Team Speaker Jorge Sequeira, company Team Building


During the Municipal Day 2014 a workshop was held to understand group dynamics and how we can develop our common work and collective strength as a group and a local society.


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