Raising awareness on gender violence

The Spanish federation of municipalities and provinces (FEMP) has launched a website with extensive information on a project providing training and information on the issue of gender based violence. The project has been financially supported by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, through the Office for Gender Violence of the Government.


The main objective of the program is to raise awareness on gender based violence by providing information on trainings, advice for schools on how they can work with this subject and provide reading material.


Other objectives consist in:

  • working to dismantle stereotypes on violence
  • encouraging social responsibility,
  • presenting the phenomenon and informing on it so that everyone can be aware and act,
  • promoting a change of beliefs and attitudes
  • involving people in the question about gender based violence.


The program also aims to involve families in participating in collective activities to prevent violence.


A specific website is aimed for schools and focuses on the importance of providing an equal education and underlines that this is the main measure for societies to get free of gender violence. Hence, the work done in schools is essential to prevent and combat this problem. The website therefore proposes a set of activities that can be carried out in and outside of school.


The website offers extensive information on the different dimensions of gender-based violence, explaining possible causes to this problem such as the existence of gender stereotypes or asymmetries of power between women and men. However, it underlines that this is often a multi-causal problem with many factors such as psychological, cultural and sociological.


The website also provides a list of examples of reading material for different ages and several guides that can help teachers in schools.


As an example, a guide for primary schools is available on the website.


Good practices