EIGE Gender budgeting toolkit

[From the EIGE news item 14/05/2020: https://eige.europa.eu/news/eige-gender-budgeting-toolkit-how-eu-funds-can-speed-gender-equality]


EU Funds can be transformative: they’ve helped reduce inequality across the EU. Yet when it comes to equality between women and men, they’re not reaching their full potential. This is why the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has released a step-by-step toolkit to help those working with EU Funds better fit their programmes to the gender equality goals of the EU and its Member States.


Gender budgeting is now more important than ever and needs to be considered when the EU gets ready to deploy stimulus packages and investments to address the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, including the use of €37 billion in EU Funds.


EIGE’s new gender budgeting toolkit has been designed with practitioners in mind. It is a collection of 11 tools that help users keep in mind the different needs of women and men throughout EU Funds process, from the development of indicators to the definition of project selection criteria, the involvement of partners, and the monitoring, reporting and evaluation of programmes. It will support managing authorities involved in EU Funds programming, intermediate bodies implementing EU Funds projects, gender equality bodies, and staff working at the EU level with EU Funds, helping them implement the horizontal principle of gender equality.



EIGE’s gender budgeting toolkit is currently in English but will soon be available in 22 EU languages. It is available both as an online tool and in pdf format.