Toolkit: Local Actions for the reparation of the victims of violence against women

The Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL) and Emakunde have released the first guide at the state level to guide actions in municipalities to repair the damage caused to female victims-survivors of violence, and thus guarantee their recovery in the community environment.


This tool provides political and technical personnel with basic guidelines for developing the repair approach. In the international regulatory framework of the Istanbul Convention, the principle of reparation supposes placing the rights of victims of sexist violence at the centre of the entire process of care and local actions for their reparation, listening and attending to their needs and demands. It aims to help local institutions to specify and carry out the practice of the right to reparation for women who are victims of sexist violence, within the municipal jurisdiction, and in parallel with the justice process. It takes the form of a didactic guide and is  a first step for City Councils and Associations to begin to review their actions in a sensitive and complex manner.


The guide also includes information on initiatives of some Basque municipalities as examples of how to take steps in this direction.


The president of EUDEL, Gorka Urtaran, has highlighted that “The intervention of local governments is key…” Gorka Urtaran explained that “municipalities have an essential role to involve the entire local community in the repair process.” He explained that the guide is “unique” because it incorporates the approach of reparation so that “all women survivors of sexist violence can be repaired in their integrity and in their dignity as women. This approach is completely innovative in public policy and also in local politics. ” he has pointed out.


The EUDEL and Emakunde initiative provides a novel approach by guiding municipal intervention beyond assistance and / or care, to make visible and repair the damage caused to the victims-survivors, as well as to facilitate their recovery in their community environment by re-establishing their condition of full and active citizenship. Likewise, local prevention programs are essential in order to generate conditions of non-repetition of sexist violence in our municipalities.


The guide has been drawn up within Berdinsarea, the network of Basque municipalities that has led the progress of local equality policies since 2006, and which is coordinated by EUDEL with the support of Emakunde.



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