A glimpse at the situation of women in France

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) in France have dedicated their latest monthly edition Le Fil d’Iena to the situation of women and women’s rights. Among the articles you find coverage on the status of women in 2013 in different fields such as education, labor and health. You also find an article on how to achieve equality in the workplace, how to collaborate to ensure women’s rights and an article presenting the meeting between the French and Swedish Minister of Women’s Rights.


CESE has also done a study on Women and Poverty. Recent figures from 2010 show that 4,7 million women in France are living under the poverty line (equivalent to 964 euros) and 70 percent of the “poor workers” are women. The report highlights several factors such as part-time jobs, low-wages, single parent households that makes women more vulnerable to ending up in poverty.


Recommendations are also presented on how to prevent poverty by identifying women in risk groups. The actions include reducing the overrepresentation of women in precarious employment, improving inequalities in health care, support to single mothers etc.


For more information please consult the CESE webpage or download the full report (information in French).