Last call! European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award


ūüŹÜ ¬†Last call! This is your official notice that towns, cities, and regions have just a few days left to apply for the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award. Applications will close on 15 February at noon CET. This year, a special Award will be presented for initiatives fostering Roma inclusion. Don‚Äôt delay, apply now!¬†

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Union of Equality / #DiversityCapitals

The European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award recognises the work done by cities, towns, or regions in Europe to promote inclusion and create discrimination-free societies.

It is open for local authorities to apply and is a chance to show the world what these ‚Äėcapitals of inclusion‚Äô are doing to create more diverse and inclusive spaces for their citizens.


Who can apply?

The competition is open for local authorities such as cities, towns or regions in the EU. The applications must be made by an official representative.

Applicants will be asked to provide a description of key initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion.

Initiatives that comprehensively address different grounds of discrimination (in particular, sex, age, disability, ethnic/racial origin, religion and sexual orientation/gender identity and gender expression) and demonstrate an intersectional approach will be an asset.

For more details see the Rules of the Competition


How to apply?

  • Applicants must¬†create a profile¬†and apply via the¬†online application form.
  • Please¬†complete all sections¬†of the¬†online application form¬†and submit it¬†by 15 February 2022, 12:00 CET
  • Applications can be completed in any of the official languages of the EU. They will be translated into English using an automated translator. Where possible, applicants are encouraged to submit their¬†project proposal in English¬†to facilitate the handling of the proposals
  • Applicants can also upload or provide a link to a 10-slide¬†PowerPoint presentation¬†to illustrate their application.
  • Applicants must attach¬†a Declaration of honour (Annex III)¬†signed by the Mayor¬†or the highest-ranking representative, authorised by national law to legally represent the town/city/region.


See the Guidance Note for details on the application process


Don’t delay, start your application on the award website today!