The European Parliament speak out in favor of equality

Following the Women’s Day, the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) adopted on 12 March three (non-binding) resolutions to prevent gender inequality.


Confronted with budget cuts and austerity measures that severely affect women, the European Parliament calls for the following measures to restore growth and improve women’s situation:

  • that women should be fully involved in the management of recovery plans;
  • to develop a directive on equal pay;
  • to invest in training, outworking, female entrepreneurship and childcare;
  • to support women’s employment with the Structural Funds.


To fight against gender stereotypes, the MEP recommend:

  • to reduce children’s exposure to sexist messages;
  • to include a gender perspective in training for teachers and in textbooks;
  • to impose quotas in national parliaments and in the nominations for Commissioners;
  • to create “funds for equality” financed with the revenue generated by the sanctions for non-compliance with the quotas. 

Finally, the MEP called on the authorities in North Africa to explicitly mention the principle of equality in their constitutions and to end violence against women.


Source: Agence Europe