gender@sustainability conference

WIDE Switzerland* (Women in Development Europe) organizes a conference in Bern on the 31st of October on the topic of Gender and Sustainability as responses to the ongoing economic crisis.


The aim of the conference is to bring up the relation between gender equality, ecology and social welfare and also to provide a discussion on ‘sustainable development’, to explore what the concept includes and what influence it can have on political level.


Among the speakers, experts from different European countries and various academic backgrounds (political science, economists and sociologists) will present their visions on sustainability, ecology, welfare politics, social change and perceptions from a feministic point of view.


The conference will include 4 “workspaces” on the following topics:

  • Workspace 1: Theory & Analysis – Feminist Debate on the Crisis of Gender Justice
  • Workspace 2: Political Practice and Movements – Shaping the Global Space
  • Workspace 3: Feminist political economy – Taking Care into Account
  • Workspace 4: Economic Literacy – Standard of Living from the Household Perspective


The conference will be held in English and German.


For more information:

  • please visit the following link
  • or contact Dögg Sigmarsdóttir, coordinator of the conference

*Note: WIDE Switzerland is a member  of the WIDE+ network, for more information please visit this link.