SALAR’s Action plan based to the European Charter for Equality

The Swedish association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) signed the European Charter for Equality when it was launched in 2006 and thereby also invited municipalities and regions in Sweden to sign the Charter.


As a part of SALAR’s internal work on gender mainstreaming, SALAR has elaborated an action plan to set a strategy for the associations work on gender mainstreaming. The action plan is elaborated according to the Charter and covers the period 2014-2015.


In the action plan SALAR outlines how the association is planning to integrate a gender perspective in all steps of its decision-making processes. It also states that the activities carried out by the association should be gender mainstreamed and include a perspective of both women and men.


SALAR has chosen to focus on Article 8 (General commitment) and article 9 (Gender Assessment) of the Charter.


The targeted group for the action plan is elected representatives, managers, directors and staff working at SALAR.


To implement these commitments SALAR undertake to do the following:

  1. All individual-based statistics presented by SALAR should be gender disaggregated
  2. Gender assessments taking into account the gender perspective should be done in the priorities, projects and agreements set by the association
  3. Trainings and events should be gender mainstreamed
  4. Communication policies should be gender mainstreamed
  5. The gender perspective should be taken into consideration in responses/reports and decision-making done by the association


Furthermore, based on this framework, each department should formulate how this work can be conducted within their own department. 


The action plan also states which department that is responsible for the overall coordination of the gender mainstreaming work and how the priorities will be monitored.