This Wednesday, Galdakao City Council launched a citizen participation initiative to rename local streets after women. If you wish to take part in this process, you can send in your contribution through the municipal website or by prepaid post, details of which are available in the leaflet being distributed throughout the municipality. The deadline for submitting proposals is 27 May 2016.


As the Councillor for Citizen Participation, Rubén Seoane, and the Councillor for Equality, Begoña Ormaetxe, explained today during a press conference, the street names of our municipality showcase what “we consider important”. They also have a symbolic relevance that is determined by the model of society and, in short, they form part of our historical memory.


“A historical memory that we must recover and remember in the present. In this regard, we are now embarking on this initiative to collect and disseminate the contributions made by women, to note their presence in the collective imaginary, and provide them with visibility through their presence in the street names of Galdakao”.


Galdakao currently has only three spaces (two streets and a park) dedicated to women (Sixta Barrenetxea, Maria Nieves Gallastegi and Monika Lekunberri), who were all teachers.


“We are therefore asking for your participation, for you to help us to progress not only in terms of equality, but also to recognise those women who have unfairly remained in the background up to now.”


The criteria to be taken into account when submitting proposals are as follows:

  1. Two types of names can be proposed:
    1. Names of women themselves
    2. Names of collectives, dates or significant acts related to the women of the municipality
  2. The proposed names must meet the following conditions to be accepted. In the case of being names of women themselves, they must have been born in or lived in Galdakao
  3. In both cases, the proposal shall be accompanied by a small text giving the reasons for the proposal.