Slight progress in closing the Global Gender Gap

Last week on the 25th of October, the World Economic Forum released the eighth edition of the Global Gender Gap Report 2013. The Index measures countries abilities to close the gender gap in four main areas: economic participation and opportunity (salaries, participation and highly skilled employment), political empowerment (representation in decision-making structures), educational attainment (access to basic and higher levels of education) and health and survival (life expectancy and sex ratio). The report provides data and a ranking of 136 countries all over the world and allows an easy overview of the situation of Gender Equality in different countries.


This year’s report show positive developments, 86 out of 133 countries have improved their global gender gap and the progress is especially prominent in the field of political participation.


The Nordic countries; Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden remains in the top ranking. The Philippines is on the 5th place and enters among the top five countries for the first time.


At the global level, health is the area with the best score, 96 % of the global gender gap is closed.  The area with most room for improvement is political participation with a global gap of 21 % although a slight progress of 2 % has been made since the last report was released in 2012.


To access the press release of the Global Gender Gap report 2013 please click on the following link.