Gender 4 Kids – training in gender pedagogy

Gender equality is not only a question of legislation and rights, but also the image of traditional male and female roles that are imposed on individuals in our society. Already at an early age, children are exposed to gender stereotyped roles through colours, books, toys, activities, but also by the different expectations set by educational staff and parents. This will in the long run have consequences on their personal development.


The Gender4Kids training offered in Luxemburg aims to draw attention to this fact and to raise awareness on gender pedagogy adapted for children. The courses are offered to educational staff working in day care centers and schools. The training not only offers participants to reflect on the perception of equal opportunities in today’s society (for more information please visit concept of the training) but also includes thematic modules that allow participants to deepen their knowledge in specific areas such as the image of roles, self-esteem, diversity and games. Finally, to apply their knowledge into practice, participants are asked to organise an activity, workshop or an educational project of their choice aimed for children.


The first Gender4Kids training took place in 2011. Since then, 12 courses have been carried out in 5 towns and reached more than 120 participants.


For more information please visit the website of Gender4Kids.