Gender Equality Center in Echirolles


The City of Echirolles in France, who signed the Charter in 2007, has created a Gender Equality Centre for the municipality and other local authorities located in the agglomeration. The Centre was established in 2005 as a part of a European project called URBAN focusing on 5 municipalities around the City of Grenoble.


Their aim is to create a network for the actors in the agglomeration, including 27 municipalities to exchange good practices and cooperate on joint-projects on the topic of gender equality.


The Gender Equality Center has three main objectives:

  • to provide support for projects;
  • to raise awareness on gender equality issues and
  • to provide online tools to promote equality.


The Centre provides expertise, resources and information, both to projects focusing on gender equality and also to projects that wish to integrate a gender perspective in their activities. For example, the municipal youth club discovered that 80 percent of their visitors were boys and consulted the Centre to get assistance on how to encourage girls to get more involved in their activities. The Centre has also organized campaigns to raise awareness on different topics related to gender equality, such as informing students on how to access professions in sectors traditionally dominated by women or men.  Moreover, they have carried out trainings for employees working in local administration.


The Centre’s website is an online tool for sharing information and providing municipal services with resources on gender equality.